Why buy at FQ?

At FQ, we strongly believe that simplicity is sophistication and our designs exemplify this belief. FQ guarantees to offer its customers quirky, hard-to-find, unique and stylishlu stunning furniture designs which are always rightly priced. There is always a thoughtful element in our furniture pieces that reflect international style. 

Knowing what your furniture is made of is always an important part of the purchase process. At FQ, its primarily solid wood. The advantages of owning solid wood furniture are undeniable. Solid wood products are a symbol of quality and strength. And the best part is that its natural grain promises that each piece is one of a kind. We offer a complete range of high grade solid wood furniture for every space in a house with multiple choice of wood finishes.

We ensure to achieve high-quality standards in every single piece we create. From the first sketch to the final product, we work very closely with our craftsmen to develop designs with impeccable perfections. Our goal is to provide the most cohesive customer experience by supporting our customers at every step of their shopping experience.

Customers often question themselves “Am I really making my furniture purchases at genuine prices?” Consequently, even if they very much like the product, they end up wasting a lot of time and efforts visiting many other stores in town to verify their purchase. At FQ, we already make those efforts for you. We carry out extensive competitive research both online and offline to arrive at the “best price” for all our products. We can assure that our “best price” for any product is lower than all other retailers in the city. To achieve this, we work very closely with our suppliers and formulate unique strategies to keep our costs lowest. We go all the way to make sure that FQ customers buy the best quality product at the “lowest price” possible by any retailer.